House Rules

House Rules

These are House Rules and Clarifications for use in the Nightmare Foundation game. This is NOT an all inclusive list and it will be added to and revised.

All Venues

Secondary / Alternate Abilities:

  • The first dot/level of any Ability costs 3xp. Secondary or Alternate Abilities are less expensive to purchase after that first dot costing the current level in XP already possessed at the time of purchase of the next dot. This is significantly cheaper than the standard Abilities which after the first dot cost two times the current level in XP. These Secondary Abilities, however, do NOT give a difficulty bonus on tests thrown.

Spending WP to Overcome Non-Supernatural Effects:

Vampire: The Masquerade

VtM: Ghouls: Disciplines Based on Regnant's Generation:

  • We use a modified version of the discipline levels available to ghouls between the two options presented in Ghouls: Fatal_Addiction (1997). This is done to make it so ghouls can grow but there is still an advantage to playing vampire.

Disciplines Levels Available to the Ghoul
Regnant's Generation Discipline Level Available
13th-11th 1
10th-9th 1
8th or Below 3

Werewolf: The Apocalypse

WtA: Garou: Gift: Homid: Apecraft's Blessing (level 1):

  • This 20th Anniversary Edition Gift was approved on some sheets due to a clerical error and rather than remove it from those sheets it is available as a regular Homid Gift.
Apecraft's Blessings (level 1)
- Though many of Gaia’'s children use tools, none have mastered them so thoroughly as humanity. The homid focuses this mastery into the tools she uses, causing their spirits to awaken and lend her aid. An ancestor-spirit or spirit of a man-made object teaches this Gift.
- System: The werewolf spends a turn concentrating, and then the player rolls Wits + Crafts (difficulty 7). Each success reduces the difficulty by one on the next roll she makes for her character to employ a tool made by human hands. The purpose is irrelevant — this Gift is equally efficacious for attempts to repair an engine, drive a car or fire a gun. (Source: Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition p152)
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