Earning Experience Points (XP)

Earning XP in Play Overview

Monthly XP:
Each month each character receives 4xp a month. This is awarded on the final day of each month.

Public Scenes:
Most Public Scenes are worth 1xp. A Public Scene is defined as one set in one of the standard public IC channels or one which is in another which may not be one of the basic ones but is announced in the OOC channel and open to all characters of an appropriate character type as determined by the ST Staff. Please note the Date, Channel, and Award in your Experience Log. On occasion an ST may award more XP for one of these scenes in which the RP is deemed outstanding or significant progress is made on a plot line. There may also be a night which more XP is awarded as a special award for some other reason. In such cases please note which ST awarded this.

Plot Scenes / Quests:
These will typically be worth more than 1xp and will be awarded on a case by case basis by the ST involved. Please note the Date, Channel, Award, and ST in your Experience Log.

Downtime Learning XP:
Two Downtime Learning Submissions may be submitted each month for each character. Each one of these may include three items the character is working to improve or learn and must include an explanation of how the character is going about this. These items will not receive an award more than once per month. Typical awards will be 3xp to be used ONLY on that trait, but in some cases this may vary. One example is if this is going towards something that cannot be purchased with XP. More details on how these will be handled will be coming soon. There is also the potential to earn a bit more when another character is involved if the teacher has the Instruction Ability and more details will be coming soon on this as well. Downtime projects may NOT be repeated during the same month.

Character Profile Wiki Page Creation:
When a profile page is completed, 6xp will be awarded to the character. The player must complete the page. The page being started by the staff is not sufficient to earn the XP.

Recruiting Players:
When a player recruits another player and it is verified the award is 8xp to be applied to any one character. Please do not go to other games and try to recruit their players, this is poor etiquette. If you do know someone from another game, you may tell that person about the game but do so respectfully and in private. We never ask someone to stop playing in another game to join ours.

Other Submission:
More details will be coming soon.

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