The Nile Resort

The Nile Resort

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Detailed Location Write-Up

The Nile Resort:

A tropical oasis in the city, a 12 floor Resort with a large golden pyramid at the top with the sign Nile Resort under it. Inside the Resort rest a head desk where the care taker who face look scar from a claw fingers across the face greet visitor to the Egyptian style theme with the walls deck out to look like sand stones walls cover with Hieroglyphic, highly detail work of art of animal headed gods, cats, Nile creatures, symbols, and marking.

Workers of the Resort dress in a sort of Hollywood style Egyptian theme, not true to what use to be worn in the days but enough to get the look across without being indecent for a family style Resort. Open to the Public is a Cafeteria and a large Pool resting outside, surrounded by the resort walls.

Supernatural VIP Club Room:


Normal rooms:
Each room has a large bathroom, a single room have a tub for 2 people, a small kitchen, a living room with a large TV with a VCR, Cassette stereo, a bedroom with a queen size bed, a phone and a closet.

A bigger room has larger kitchen with a Fridge and Freezer box, more than one bedrooms and more closet for each bed room.

Special Rooms:
Roof top, only reachable with a special key to the elevator. The roof top is filled with a garden with 3 golem who are patrolling about, and a large pool around the golden pyramid. The outline of the garden fence in with a path in the pool leading to the golden Pyramid that has a mark that allow those who spend Sekhem to pass through into a small room in the center of an otherwise solid concrete wall around a trap door leading down into the secret 13 floor.

The 13 floor lead into a large maze filled with traps unless one who knows the code and the hidden wall slot to open to the key pad to disable the traps. The rooms for the mummies has a small hot tub, most of the old style of Egypt made with careful detail with highly detail art and ancient relic of old that been unearth. A large queen size bed in a big bed room, a huge living room with a large TV and computer, no windows.

Underneath the Resort is the Cult base of operation, where weapons training, ritual and the like take place, mummies kept in airless places, with alchemy labs and a 4 floor Library filled with ancient text. Those who enter these catacombs can feel the occasional cool air of the dead brush by as well as the warm air from the desert pass through the halls.

Amon Work Room:
Not far from the front desk is a large room, filled with stones, machine for crafting and display for statues. Though the room is for any artist use, it often called Amon Room since he the one who use it the most often

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