The Muse (Elysium)

The Muse

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Basic Information

IRC Channel(s):

#TheMuse (Private VIP Area)

#TheMuse_Club (Public Club Area)

IC Placement:

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IC Groups With Access:

  • Those With Access:
    • The main club is open to the public.
    • The private Kindred section is open to all Kindred and Ghouls in good standing.
  • Regulars:
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    • <A group or character that is a regular>

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Detailed Location Write-Up

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The Muse is a popular hang out for Gothic Metal and Industrial types. The inside of the Club is filled with strobing lights and loud music. Most commonly played are rock and punk music along with some 80's hits that the general populous might be familiar with. There are often live bands found performing during the busiest hours.

The female wait staff is often wearing black tank tops with pseudo-Catholic school girl skirts. The male staff usually are found wearing pants. Leather, tattoos, and piercings are all around with an assortment of wild hairstyles.

This is Elysium but permission has been granted to not consider violence by mortals in the club to be seen as a violation of Elysium if moshing or fights do break out.

Private Kindred Section:

A private area said to be set aside for parties. Ghouls carefully guard this area and control admittance. Entrance is gained through the front of the club as well as via a private back entrance for those who do not blend in well with the patrons or simply would rather not.

Of note in the center of the room is a rather large solid black wooden table illuminated by a light. Rather large. There are Clan symbols and chairs for each of the Camarilla Clans at this table. There are numerous other tables and a bar as would be expected. There are side rooms that access can be granted to as well as offices that only certain members of the court have access to.

There is NO loud music in the VIP section.

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