Smiling Bones Carnival of Freaks

Smiling Bones Carnival of Freaks

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Oh what fun, a Carnival…

though the only ride is Ride of Nightmares, a sort of tunnel of love save is a slow train ride through a sort of a haunted house, showing nightmares long forgotten among mortal in the modern nights, such as the great Vampires: Penanggalan, a beautiful women capable of detaching her head and flying through the air with her intestine and organs dangling as she feed off of new born and mother in labor. Among typical myth, there rest an assortment of display, Preserve freak of nature cause by degenerative experiment in the wombs, inbred, and the like, such as the 3 face baby, a Cyclopes, two headed pig…though most of these seem to be preserved while young, most of which would not, or could not survive long with such deformities, there is a few older humans too, preserve with freak forms, not likely to had an easy life. Oh true, with the flesh crafter, monstrous spirits and other supernatural monster in the world, this may not seem all that special…..but then, this was not the work of some demon infested magic to shift and warp of the form, or spirits reflecting the Nightmares of the physical realm they reflect…No, these are not some demented monster work of art, these where created not by mortal or super hands, but by nature itself! In that, the proof that the greatest and cruelest power is that of Life itself.

Games are few as well, often range from the Macabre.
A variation of Duck Pond: instead of a tub of water, it a tub of dirt, and instead of ducks, it was mummified lizard with stickers marking it numbers on it head which you can see after grabbing it tail and pulling it out of the dirt.
Another games is Red Darts, spinning on a wheel is heart shape targets that you must throw red darts to win a prize
a pong game to win a pet fish, save the glass is red tinted which the lighting around the stand, help make it look like the color of the water was red, while the ping pong ball is decorated to look like an eye.
And last a water game, where instead of the water gun squirting into a clown mouth to inflate a balloon nose, it a skull inflating a pink balloon, likely to be the 'Brain'

Prize involve a grave or bone shape key chains, a skull plushies, monster mask, monster glove hands, Zombies puppet, slinky snake toy made of wood, art figure made of bones, a black color whistle, a grave stone pillow, black and red candles, yo-yo decorated in skull and cross bones, a jolly roger flag on a stick, wooden mask of a skull and many more easily made odd and ends.

At 12, midnight, the lights around the carnival goes out for a second, before the place lambs burn a glowing green lights and a creepy carnival music play…a dong is heard, ringing every 15 seconds to the Black Tent, for the show is about to begin…

Admittance is a dollar, children and teen only 50 cent each, welcome by the attendance as they lead you in to pick your seat…a mix of color of purple, blue and green dance lazily about the room, giving it a sort of dream like feel…after 5 minute, the tent is close and the lights shine at center stage, a tall man dress in old style duster with a purple shirt and a hat step into the stage, his bone cane support him as he look up so the lights shine on his black mask of a smiling skull.

“Welcome my curious seeker…”

he bow as he remove his hat then stand up and set the hat back as he tap on the floor with his cane.

“What sooth you? Is it the beat of the heart, perhaps stimulate old memories of when you were a baby against mother breasts as she rock you to slumber. Slow beat can be soothing, gentle and reassuring…”

he start to tap the cane faster.

“But speed it up, it tense you up, rise your awareness and readiness weather you are truly ready for what to come. Fear is a common trait for rapid heart. Oh my, fear. What do you all fear? For your life? To lose things? To be forgotten? Or perhaps…”

he slam the cane onto the floor as the sound of glass shattering ring out with a start in the air as the lights suddenly become fragmented as the lights shine over the crowds.

“It the surprise of what is not known? The Unknown that make children afraid of the dark, for us to seek monsters in the shadows of our sin…But what is a monster? Many of my entertainers have been called monsters from their own family and friends. Through cruel fate of nature, something went wrong with their birth, or they did not grow correctly, or suffer an ailment that left them disfigured …Is that what you think of Monster? That they must be ugly?”

He chuckle and tip his hat to the crowd.

“Oh but stories of monsters are not all ugly and sin…some are alluring and desirable. The vampire of course has many variation, from our common known conception of Dracula, to beautiful women who smell of vinegar during the day, and at night, they are floating heads with needles fangs, and tentacle like intestine and organs dangling out, too even a medical condition where the body does not produce the nessary material and the fastest way to gain it is by drinking blood. Heh, went from running water and stake, to throne thristle that scare the monster away as she does not wish to get her instine shred up by the thrones, to simply just changing one diet so their body are not deprive of necessary substance. Ladies and Gentlemen, we went from a monster man who hypnotize women, to monster who feast on babies blood, to a misunderstood person with a condition. Suddenly, monsters seem to lose it charm…”

the lights suddenly focus on him as he stand up straight and look over the crowd.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Tonight, the outcast of your society, the forsaken children you scoff and tease, the children whom you were too embarrass to show off….Our Act tonight will feature the talents of Thomas, the Cave Man, Helena the Dyrad Lady, Jack the Wolf Man, Wendy the Lobster Girl, Amy and Andy as 2 in 1 Magician, Lillith the Mistress of the Hooks, Yuko the Frog Lady, and our youngest star, Jeff the Boy Vampire. Please give a round of the applause for our first act, the Cave Man!”

he clap as the lights shine on the back stage, as a big muscular man in loin cloth came into the stage with a hug log made into a club. His forehead is thick and bulge a bit, giving him a primitive look as he step up to the Ring Master and slam his club onto the ground with a grunt.

“Heh, Thomas our strong man, born with a genetic flaw that cause the bones in his skull to fuse together before his brain fully develop, what the result is a misshapen skull and mild damage to the brain. Tease all his life, and bully by the tougher kid and having no friends while growing up, he focus on toughing up his body with every fights he get into. Thomas is one of our longest and oldest running entertainer,having been with us for 48 years. He a bit shy so he mostly mutter and grunt to avoid conversation.”

he tip his hat to Thomas who grunted and walk over to the display set for him, large stone weights in keeping with the themes as he perform feat of strength for the audience. Bend bars with his teeth, and pull a tractor across the Stage. After the show, he walk off to the back as the ring master Tap his cane to the stage as the lights turn green.

“A dyrad, a beautiful creature of the forest in some lore, baby swapping in other lore. Our Next performers may not be for the fleet of hearts…”

the lights shut off for a second then light up on the stage, as before them, an Asian women stand on some grass playing a lovely flute, the rich olden country sounds filled the air as her feet and hands look to be cover in wood growth, almost like she has roots and branches. Aside her hands and feet, patches of the lesion are over her skin in various places, giving her darker skin tone, she has a slight hint of brown to her coloring, giving her a wooden and bark like feature. A Performance of 3 as she work slowly and carefully as her fingers too bulky to dexterity over fast pace music…once done, the Ring master bow to the crowd.

“The lovely Dryad, Helena been with our show for the longest of time, all ways wish to play the harp like her mother before her, she instead settle for the flute for it haunting sound like a wind through the woods….”

the Dryad bow and step off the stage as Smiling Bones smile.

“Now for our Next performer…Since ancient time, this growth has mark one as kin to the werewolf, even so far to be nick name the Werewolf Syndrome. I present to you, the Wolf Man!”

the lights shine on stage as a can cover in hair was roll in in a cage as he howl and growl…looking very much like the old monster movie wolf man, the man is cover in hair. He perform as a wild animal with some acting skills until the end of the act when he bow to the crowd and head to the back.

“And now, give your applause as one of our younger star take the stage, Our lovely Lobster Girl…”

the lights shine on the 13 year old girl, dress in large mittens and her face paint to look like a mannequin. She a very lovely dancer for her age and was a good actor as through out the dance, Smiling Bones walk up to her and offer to take her hands which she refuse and dance away, at the end, Smiling Bones took her mitten hands and she struggle to pull away. Her mittens come off to reveal her deform hangs, her fingers fuse together, and her fingers clump together make two deform digit, the look of them give the image of a lobster claw as she cover her face and look like she ran to the back crying at her hands being reveal

“Our Next act is a special treat, Siamese twins who are join at the shoulder and hips. Due to some complication they could not be separated at birth and so the family abandon them on the streets, feeling as if they are being punish by God. Andy the Dominate sibling, though like a good brother, he all ways try to keep his sister happy, Welcome to the stage, Andy and Amy!”

the two clumsy walk onto the stage, despite that, it take amazing skills to walk with each leg control by a different person so even in their clumsy look, it pretty impressive…Andy dress in a wizard cloak, and Amy dress as a witch, perform magical act of illusion for the show, though the older members of the audience may not overly be impress after witnessing true magic, over all it was an impressive show. After they head off the stage Smiling Bones smile.

“Our time is short my friends, but there still wonder left before we close our curtain. Let me introduce our Mistress of the Hooks, Miss Lillith!”

(Grave Robber can post how her show go,)

“Yoko was thought to be the creation of a Kappa demon raping her mother as she bath in the river, though looking human mostly, the skin between her fingers over grown, making them appear web like. She has a special love for frogs and being about water, so she will perform her swimming dancing for your enjoyment…”

he step back, helping the caveman pull out a glass tank as the lovely Yoko in a swim suit start to perform her act, though not likely given that much of an aid with web hands and feet, she was still very talented in her performance. After she perform the water dance, the tank was roll out and the lights shine on Bones

“Our last act is our youngest one, Jeff the Boy Vampire. Jeff suffer from a blood deficiency, while a strict diet can help, in the olden days, people who suffer from such ailment find drinking blood was a quicker solution. Their skin pale, unable to tolerate direct sun light for long period of times, while their gums shrink up, making their teeth look more fangs like. In many religion, the act of consuming another blood is like drinking their soul, their very life energy. His parents being strict religion folks, fear him, and had him lock up as being possessed by demons, the doctor even gone as far as to try to release the spirits by drilling a hole in his head. He survive and soon I have taken him into our show. Though we do keep him on a diet to help stabilize his deficiency, just for this show meet Jeff the Boy Vampire!”

Dress as Dracula…or rather a cheap vampire costume…the boy how ever, being 8, seem to enter the stage mostly playing with his fluttering cape. The side of his head is shaven with a huge scars were the doctor try to drill into his skull. The boy seem excited at all the crowd, forgetting his act as he wave at everyone. Bone chuckle as Caveman set up a table, setting out two wine glass and filled it with a very very small amount of blood as Bone wave the boy over.

“Heh, such a little ham for a vampire huh? Would you come and join me?”

he ask as the boy run back over to him and try to sit on the chair…until the caveman walk back out with a few phone books….he help Jeff up on the phone books as he can see over the table and smile as he take his glass of blood.

“Complication was common in the past, the idea of different blood type as well as ignorance of blood diseases had lead to most people suffering from vampirism to be short live if he not found out by the villagers first and burn at the stake. We have hope to have entertain you tonight, we all look forward to seeing you all again.”

he toast the boy who happily drink his blood, while Bone drink his then makes an ick face

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