Las Vegas Tremere Chantry (Tremere Only)

Las Vegas Tremere Chantry

Dark Ages Clan Tremere
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This crest is the symbol used in the Dark Ages
for House and Clan Tremere.

Basic Information

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IC Placement:

The True Chantry's physical location is known only to Tremere. A secondary "Public" Chantry has been established for meetings with other clans and as a decoy. The Chantry is a nondescript office complex in Las Vegas's business district.

IC Groups With Access:

  • Those With Access:
    • All members of House and Clan Tremere that have been cleared for access.
    • New Tremere PCs must go through proper channels before being admitted.

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Detailed Location Write-Up


Note: Its physical location is known only to Tremere. Revealing its location to those not of the blood is expressly forbidden on pain of death.
A secondary 'public' chantry has been established for meetings with other clans and as a decoy.

The chantry is a nondescript office complex in Las Vegas's business district.
Unremarkable in every since of the word. It has basic security measures on the outside. A few closed circuit TV camera's to deter theft.
It has underground parking beyond its gates.

The visible floors function as one would expect. A security desk manned by a ghoul security officer.
Conference rooms and offices. In all respects its a small, legitimte business. The only thing of note is, its always open, but boasts a much smaller staff during evening hours.

The three sublevels however are another story.

B1: Apprentice Dormitories, ghoul housing including a kitchen, Alchemy Garden study area and armory(Includes a sparing area).
B2: Library(rank:5), Ritual room(-1 difficulty on all hermetic rituals communal area.), Alchemy lab and chemistry room.
B3: Bio Thaumaturgy Lab, Regents quarters, storage vault and jail area.

Note: All Tremere in good standing gain the Occult Library Background at 3 dots for free. +2 occult dice -1 difficulty on all occult rolls when the library is consulted.
Additionally, the full library can be opened up on request(Rank:5 +3 occult dice -2 difficulty)

Rooms: Every Tremere in the city has a room here. Its fully furnished and includes a desk, bookcases and a closet. Each room is opened by the Keycard given to the Apprentice.

Valda Dietrich: Befitting her rank she's given the second largest domicile next to Agrias's own.
Senshi Kami: Standard Issue room.
Gregory Wiseman: Standard issue room, with bookcases and a writing desk.

Ritual room: Agrias has painstakingly woven a sanctum enchantment over it. Hermetic rituals and path magic comes much easier here as the flow of arcane energy is attuned to it. (-1 difficulty on on rituals and path castings). Its fully supplied for rituals 1-5. Though a log is kept of who uses what supplies.

Alchemy lab/Chemistry room:
Within this area chemicals both arcane and mundane are stored. Everything from meth and cocaine, to alchemical etchings can be created here.
Poisons and cures or whatever else an intrepid Tremere might desire to craft.
The alchemy lab is a nod to the foundations of the clan while the Chemistry room allows for the testing of modern theory.
Both are fully stocked and continue to be resupplied monthly.

Armory: Mundane arms are stored here. Firearms, swords alike can be found here. Additionally it includes a small crafting area.

Bio Thaumaturgy lab: Consisting of one part magic, one part science and one part steampunk, the Bio Thaumaturgy lab is an alien and disturbing place within the chantry.
Tesla coils arc and spark towards the ceiling. Flasks bubble with unidentifiable liquids of all colors. Coils and other tubs run towards an operating table complete with restraints. Hermetic symbols covering their surface. Sample jars line the various shelves. Eyes that blink stare from the preserving liquid filled jars. Other contains house parts that are stitched together from various sources.
Its here Agrias can most often be found. This lab also doubles as an alchemy lab, though it deals primarily in living and unliving applications.

Storage Vault: Blood samples and other dangerous items are kept behind this heavily warded arcane vault door. Only Agrias and the Local lord can open it.

Jail: This reinforced jail cell contains specimens from Agrias's experiments either waiting to be used or disposed of depending on the success rate. Sabbat prisoners or other rogue kindred can be found here, albeit rarely. Access requires opening a large vault door. It remains closed, on the off chance something escapes from the holding cells.
Magical defenses prevent most disciplines from working in here, save those of the Tremere themselves.


The elevators require a special keycard to access the sublevels. Each keycard is mystically attuned the Tremere or ghoul its issued to.
Stolen keycards become inert, useless to the would-be thief. They are necessary to access certain areas of the chantry.
The Library, ritual room and alchemy room.

Each ward was painstakingly cast by Agrias Monroe.

Deny the intruder +7 difficulty on any attempt to find the chantry by bureaucratic methods. All attempts to investigate its existence through paperwork or unearth records of its existence are subject to this.
Warding Circle Vs Scrying: Any attempts to Scry on the bottom levels. Eight successes at difficulty:9 are required to view anything down there. (This protects against all forms of scrying. Auspex, the ritual, Way of spirit.. and so on.)
Warding Circle Vs Spirits/Ghosts: Ghosts and Spirits must make a willpower roll difficulty:9 and score 5 successes to pass through the barrier. These wards extend into the Umbra/Shadowlands.
Warding Circle Vs Kindred: Non-Tremere kindred seeking to pass the Wards must make a willpower roll difficulty 9 and score six successes to pass through. These wards are specially attuned, Tremere seeking access needn't make this roll.
Warding Circle Vs Demons: Fallen/Demons must make a willpower roll difficulty:9 and score 11 successes to pass through the warding circle. (In short. Fat chance in hell)
Warding Circle Vs Lupines: Garou must make a Willpower roll difficulty:9 and score seven successes to pass through the warding circle. (Note this warding circle extends into the Umbra)
Warding Circle vs Werespiders: Werespiders must make a Willpower roll difficulty:9 and score seven successes to pass through the circle.(Note this extends into the Umbra)
Warding Circle vs Ghouls: Non-Tremere ghouls seeking to pass through must make a willpower roll difficulty:9 and score seven successes to pass through. This ward has been attuned to allow Tremere ghouls safe passage.

The chantry is now protected by Eyes of the Ever Vigilant

Successful casting of this five-night ritual requires three thaumaturges concurrently to perform its incantations.
Upon the completion, the ritual enchants one structure (one building, one haven, or one compound) and will last for a decade.
Renewing the ritual requires a dedication by only one of the thaumaturges who cast the original ritual.
While in effect, all Kindred within the structure are unaffected by Obfuscate, Chimerstry and similar powers of misdirection, including some permutations of Dominate.

Due to the nature of this particular ritual, it covers the entire compound.

Only the sublevels and passages to the sublevels are warded. Wards begin roughly twenty feet in to preserve secrecy.
Coming into contact with a ward causes three levels of lethal damage and requires a willpower roll difficulty:8 to try passing it again.

The Chantry boasts 3 gargoyle defenders.
Total ghouls:7, who work on rotating shifts.

Things to be added later: Arcane forge.

Agrias Monroe: (Inactive) Regent. Duties: Overseeing influence and clan efforts.
Valda Dietrich: Acting Regent, Vice Regent, Apprentice 6th circle. Duties: Varies. (Note: She is in charge when Agrias is unavailable.)
Senshi Kami: Apprentice 6th circle. Duties: Combat Instructor/Healer/Librarian
Gregory Wiseman: Apprentice 5th circle Librarian/Wardmaster/Alchemy Garden Tender -and- research assistant.
Rudy Werner: Apprentice 5th circle
Kevin Burdram:

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