Don Salvatore's Penthouse

Don Salvatore's Penthouse

The Exterior
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Basic Information

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IC Placement:

A Penthouse Apartment on the Strip. It is at the back of a casino and is part of a few such luxury condos that have a doorman and parking garage in the back.

IC Groups With Access:

  • Under the Authority of:
    • Don Salvatore Scaramucci. He nominally lives there and regularly parties there.
  • Those With Access:
    • Sons of Aether in the City all have a key. Getting up is easy; just call up Don.
  • Regulars:
    • Don
    • Abby

Detailed Location Write-Up

Don's Place has dark-clear glass-looking tables, and huge windows with a view of the strip. Decently sized, but not huge, it is quite awesome—a well stocked bar with middle and top shelf of whiskeys, vodkas, rums and gins. Their are long couches you could lie down on overlooking everything, with the same dark clear glass used as a coffee table. The kitchen starts just past the bar and is the picture of granite and steel, and quite large. A few rooms extend to the sides; the bathroom has a 4 person hot tub in it as well as a shower with a built in seat.

The View
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Nothing like Scotch, a leather couch, and a view
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