StarEater (NPC)


StarEater Warform
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{drawn by James_OOC}

Player: James_OOC

Character Type: NPC


  • Deed Name: <Enter Deed Name >
  • Commonly Known:
    • <Alias #1>
    • <Alias #2>
  • Known Only to Certain Groups
    • <Alias #1> (<Enter Which Group>)
    • <Alias #2> (<Enter Which Group>)

Creature Type: Shifter

Shifting Breed: Mokole

Breed Form: <Enter Breed Form>

Tribe: <Enter Tribe>

Camp: <Enter Camp if Applies>

Auspice: <Enter Auspice>

Rank: <Enter Rank>

Pack: <Enter Pack if Any>

Mate: <Enter Name of Mate / None>

Other Groups:

  • <Group> (<Known Among>)
  • <Group> (<Known Among>)

Positions and Titles:

  • <Enter Title 1> (<Enter Which Group>)
  • <Enter Title 1> (<ENTER Which Group>)
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