Sorina Novak

Sorina Novak

Sorina Novak
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Scion of Nicola Tesla

Player: Gruegirl

Character Type: PC


  • Known Only to Certain Groups
    • Tesla's Scion (Sons of Ether)

Creature Type: Mage

Appearance score: 2

Merits and flaws:

  • Known only to Certain Groups
    • Discredited (Scientific Community)
    • Mental Patient (Law enforcement and medical))
  • Known to all
    • Deranged (Obsessive Compulsive disorder)

Tradition: <Sons of Ether>
Faction: <Royal Ethernautical Society>

Positions and Titles:

  • <Airman> (<Royal Ethernautical Society>)
  • <Doctor> (<Sons of Ether>)
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