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"In the first nights, so sires tell their childer, the 13 grandchilder of Caine who survived the strife of the First City begot progeny in their own images, passing on their mystic arts and magical curses. Thus were founded the 13 great clans of Kindred that haunt the world to this very night. Century followed century, and each clan developed its own history, traditions and lore. As the Jyhad raged and the Antediluvians retreated into the wastelands, the childer of the clans assumed lordship of the night for themselves."

(Vampire the Masquerade (Revised) p64)

Clan Assamite

Vampires of Clan Assamite:

Ghouls of Clan Assamite:

Clan Brujah

Ghouls of Clan Brujah:

Clan Followers of Set

Vampires of Clan Followers of Set:

Ghouls of Clan Followers of Set:

Clan Gangrel

Ghouls of Clan Gangrel:

Clan Giovanni

Vampires of Clan Giovanni:

Ghouls of Clan Giovanni:

Clan Lasombra

Vampires of Clan Lasombra:

Ghouls of Clan Lasombra:

Clan Malkavian

Vampires of Clan Malkavian:

Ghouls of Clan Malkavian:

Clan Nosferatu

Ghouls of Clan Nosferatu:

Clan Ravnos

Vampires of Clan Ravnos:

Ghouls of Clan Ravnos:

Clan Toreador

Ghouls of Clan Toreador:

Clan Tremere

Clan Tzimisce

Vampires of Clan Tzimisce:

Ghouls of Clan Tzimisce:

Clan Ventrue

Ghouls of Clan Ventrue:


Caitiff Vampires:

Caitiff Ghouls:


Other Vampires:

Other Ghouls:

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