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“As in any military force, rank is of extreme importance among the Garou. It shows respect and determines status. As a Garou's rank increases, more secrets of the tribe are revealed, but expectations are higher. Gaining rank is the way to show members of the tribe your commitment and your trustworthiness. Characters begin at Rank 1, and they increase their rank by gaining Renown."

Benefits of Rank:
"Membership has its privileges. But rank has many more.
Gifts: When a Garou reaches a new rank, new, more powerful Gifts are hers for the asking. But to learn a new Gift, the character must not only have the required experience points, but also the Rank equal to the level of the Gift. A Garou cannot buy the respect of spirits and one's peers with experience points. The most valuable Gifts are reserved for those who have shown Glory, Honor and Wisdom.
Rights: As it states in the Litany, those lower in station must defer to those higher. As a Garou rises in rank, he gains the benefit of having younger and lower-ranked Garou defer to him. When a character has advanced to Rank 3 or higher, he is known throughout werewolf society. But with this fame comes responsibility, as werewolves of higher rank are expected to lead and look after those lower in station, guard caerns from attack and embark on quests to help the sept and tribe.
Challenges: Lawful challenges are also governed by rank. A Garou can challenge someone who is only one rank higher than himself. Therefore, a Rank 1 Garou can challenge a Rank 2 superior, but he cannot challenge a Rank 3 werewolf.
Self-Control: Characters of high rank have disciplined themselves so much that they are much less likely to frenzy.”

(Werewolf the Apocalypse (Revised) p124+125)

Cub / Rank 0

Rank 0 Fera:

Cliath / Rank 1

Rank 1 Fera:

Fostern / Rank 2

Rank 2 Fera:

Adren / Rank 3

Rank 3 Fera:

Athro / Rank 4

Rank 4 Fera:

Elder / Rank 5

Elder Garou (Rank 5):

Rank 5 Fera:

Legend / Rank 6

Legend Garou (Rank 6):

Rank 6 Fera:

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