Positions Sept

Red Rocks Sept Positions

Alpha: Henry Adams

Beta: Daciana Dragulescu

Den Parent: Wahakan Tiva


Keeper of the Land:

Lore Keeper:

Master of Challenge:

Master of the Rites:

Warder (Head Warder): A Black Fury Lupus

  • Warder Packs:
  • Guardians:

War Leader:

Eldest of Tribe

Eldest Black Fury:

Eldest Bone Gnawer: Tick Cheese Pants

Eldest Child of Gaia: Henry Adams

Eldest Fianna:

Eldest Get of Fenris: Toryg

Eldest Glass Walker: Al'tanvar

Eldest Red Talon:

Eldest Shadow Lord: Daciana Dragulescu

Eldest Silent Strider: Marcus aka Ghost

Eldest Silver Fang: Alexie Osina Vladislavovna

Eldest Stargazer (Unofficial):

Eldest Uktena: Wahakan Tiva

Eldest Wendigo:

Eldest of Fera (Unofficial):

Eldest of Auspice

Eldest Ahroun: Henry Adams

Eldest Galliard: Breaks the Glass

Eldest Philodox: Marcus aka Ghost

Eldest Ragabash: Daciana Dragulescu

Eldest Theurge: Tick Cheese Pants

Other Positions

Caller of the Wyld:

Master of the Howl:



Wyrm Foe: Tramps the Trash


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