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"If breed determines a werewolf's blood and auspice determines his destined role, then tribe can be said to determine his family. A tribe is more than a simple ethnic or idealistic classification — it is a social unit of werewolves bound together by blood, ideals and spirit. Tribal affiliation brings with it many responsibilities and even unasked-for rivalries — but it also offers a kinship of purpose. A werewolf s tribe is not a matter of genetics — it is a societal bond made stronger by the patronage of a powerful totem and often by blood ties. A werewolf usually joins the tribe of his ancestors, although sometimes that isn't an option — a Silver Fang born to a less than purebred bloodline may have to seek acceptance among the Glass Walkers, or a bitter lupus can reject his Children of Gaia ancestors to join the Red Talons. When a cub undergoes the Rite of Passage, the totem of the tribe initiating him chooses whether to accept him or not — if the tribal totem approves, then the cub is part of the tribe, finally a full-fledged Garou."

(Werewolf the Apocalypse (Revised) p62)

Black Fury Tribe

Kinfolk of the Black Fury Tribe:

Bone Gnawer Tribe

Kinfolk of the Bone Gnawer Tribe:

Children of Gaia Tribe

Garou of the Children of Gaia Tribe:

Kinfolk of the Children of Gaia Tribe:

Fianna Tribe

Garou of the Fianna Tribe:

Kinfolk of the Fianna Tribe:

Get of Fenris Tribe

Glass Walker Tribe

Kinfolk of the Glass Walker Tribe:

Red Talon Tribe

Garou of the Red Talon Tribe:

Kinfolk of the Red Talon Tribe:

Shadow Lord Tribe

Garou of the Shadow Lord Tribe:

Kinfolk of the Shadow Lord Tribe:

Silent Strider Tribe

Garou of the Silent Strider Tribe:

Kinfolk of the Silent Strider Tribe:

Silver Fang Tribe

Garou of the Silver Fang Tribe:

Kinfolk of the Silver Fang Tribe:

Stargazer Tribe

Garou of the Stargazer Tribe:

Kinfolk of the Stargazer Tribe:

Uktena Tribe

Garou of the Uktena Tribe:

Kinfolk of the Uktena Tribe:

Wendigo Tribe

Garou of the Wendigo Tribe:

Kinfolk of the Wendigo Tribe:


Other Garou:

Other Kinfolk:

The Fallen Garou


"Garou who turn to the Wyrm are destined to join the ranks of the Black Spiral Dancers. Originally, the founders of this tribe were known as the White Howlers. Subtle corruption suborned them over generations, until the minions of the Wyrm conquered the last White Howler caern and captured its greatest heroes, dragging them into the depths of the underworld. When the Great Serpent had finally seduced its prey, the survivors emerged once again, this time as the Black Spiral tribe."

(Werewolf the Apocalypse (Revised) p50)

Black Spiral Dancers (BSDs)

Werewolves of the Black Spiral Dancers:

Kinfolk of the Black Spiral Dancers:

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