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“Regardless of their breed, all werewolves feel an inexorable pull toward Luna, sister of Gaia. Whether she shines on them with her full face or hides from view, they take comfort from her company and guidance. Luna is the one who shows a werewolf what his path and role will be in Garou society, and this path is called an auspice. An auspice is many things: It reflects the werewolf’s general personality traits, attitudes and interests, as well as his duties in the pack. All auspices are important, for no werewolf can be all things to his people. As many different auspices are included in a pack, the unit grows stronger as a whole from the diversity of its individual members. Auspice also determines the inner Rage of the werewolf. Some Garou mothers try to use herbs or other methods to induce labor under a specific moon, which is one of the reasons that Ragabash and Ahroun are roughly as common as the other three auspices, even though the full moon and new moon appear only half as often as any other phase.”

(Werewolf the Apocalypse (Revised) p62)




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