City of Las Vegas

Court Positions

Prince: Valda Dietrich

Seneschal: Crimson Mist


Keeper of Elysium: Victoria Dyer

Sheriff: Neilvar

  • Deputy:
  • Deputy:

Scourge: Derek Ashton

The Primogen Council

Primogen of Clan Brujah:
(Brujah Whip: )

Primogen of Clan Gangrel: Neilvar
(Gangrel Whip: )

Primogen of Clan Malkavian: Ginger Campbell
(Malkavian Whip: )

Primogen of Clan Nosferatu: Francis Miller
(Nosferatu Whip: Antionette Dupree)

Primogen of Clan Toreador: Chastity Monroe
(Toreador Whip: Amelia Valentine)

Primogen of Clan Tremere: Rudy Werner
(Tremere Whip: )

Primogen of Clan Ventrue: Lucas Delacourt
(Ventrue Whip: )

Independent Advisor: Danello Marcellus

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