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NF – Character Creation Document


We recommend that you discuss the character concept with the appropriate ST prior to creation to determine if a concept is going to work for the game before going through the work to create the sheet.

See Character Approval Levels

Once you have a solid playable concept creation begins you select the appropriate template from our character sheet template selection. These may be copied and pasted into an .rtf file but much of the formatting will be lost so it is recommended that you download the .rtf file itself.

A detailed step by step creation guide as well as examples can be found in the core book for the appropriate venue. This guide is not meant to replace those but rather supplement them.

Step 1: The Basics:
This is the basic information found above the Attributes on your character sheet. The information found here varies some depending on the creature type but it is essentially the information about the player and their contact information as well as basic facts about the character that are not stats which are purchased such as Clan, Tribe, Tradition, Amenti, Nature, Demeanor etc.

Step 2: Attributes:
Your character’s Attributes are their innate capabilities falling into the three categories on Physical (Strength, Dexterity, and Stamina), Social (Charisma, Manipulation, and Appearance), and Mental (Perception, Intelligence, and Wits). A character starts with a single dot in each of these Attributes (unless there is something specifically stated in the books that changes that such as Clan Nosferatu in VtM not being allowed to have any dots in Appearance per their Clan weakness.
Depending on the creature type you are given a set number of Starting Dots to assign to your character’s Attributes. You may select which number goes to each of these three categories and then distribute that number among the Attributes in each category as you wish. No Attribute may go above 5 dots.
Creature Type Starting Dots
Vampire 7/5/3
Ghoul 6/4/3
Werewolf 7/5/3
Kinfolk 6/4/3
Mummy 6/4/3
Mage 7/5/3
(not Kinfolk)
Other Mortal
(Primarily NPCs)
Step 3: Abilities:
Your character’s Abilities are their learned capabilities. They are divided into the three categories of Talents, Skills, and Knowledges. The Abilities in each of these categories varies some depending on the creature type. A character does NOT start with any dots in Abilities. You may select which number goes to each of these three categories and then distribute that number among the Abilities in each category as you wish. No Ability may go above 3 dots at this point. There are also Alternate/Secondary Abilities which will be covered later and may not be purchased at this time.
Creature Type Starting Dots
Vampire 13/9/5
Ghoul 11/7/4
Werewolf 13/9/5
Kinfolk 11/7/4
Mummy 11/7/4
Mage 13/9/5
(not Kinfolk)
Other Mortal
(Primarily NPCs)
Step 4: Advantages: Backgrounds:
Backgrounds encompass a characters ties to the normal human world as well as some things related to their specific creature type like Generation, Pure Breed, Avatar, etc. Most creature types start with 5 dots but not all. The Mummy Backgrounds are of special note with how they work with only Backgrounds available from their 2nd life at this point. Backgrounds are as a general rule capped at 5 dots though some such as influences may be capped lower due to a character being new to the area or other characters already having a significant hold on that area.
Creature Type Starting Dots
Vampire 5
Ghoul 5
Werewolf 5
Kinfolk 5
Mummy 3
(allocated among
Allies, Contacts, Fame,
Influence, and Resources)
Mage 7
(not Kinfolk)
Other Mortal
(Primarily NPCs)

Step 5: Creature Specific Advantages:

Step 5a: Vampire Specific Advantages:

Step 5b: Ghoul Specific Advantages:

Step 5c: Werewolf Specific Advantages:

Step 5d: Kinfolk Specific Advantages:

Step 5e: Mummy Specific Advantages:
- Spend 5 Freebie Points to round out the mortal character’s Second life.
Mummy Second Life Freebies
Trait Freebie Cost
Attribute 5 per dot
Ability 2 per dot
Background 1 per dot
Willpower 1 per dot
- Chose the circumstances of your character’s Second Death.
- Add additional Starting Dots to represent the stats gained with the Rebirth. Abilities may be raised to 5 dots at this stage.
Mummy Rebirth
Trait New Starting Dots
Attribute 2
Ability 5
Background 2

- Assign 3 Starting Dots to Hekau. One dot must go into your primary Hekau Path, which is decided by your Amenti type. No Hekau path can have a rating higher than your Balance score.

Step 5f: Mage Specific Advantages:

Step 5g: Sorcerer/Numinist (not Kinfolk) Specific Advantages:

Step 5h: Other Mortal (Primarily NPCs) Specific Advantages:

Step 5a: Vampire:
Step 5b: Ghoul:
Step 5c: Werewolf:
Step 5d: Kinfolk:
Step 5e: Mummy:
Step 5f: Mage:
Step 5g: Sorcerer/Numinist (not Kinfolk):
Step 5h: Other Mortal (Primarily NPCs):


Old Info


Making a character for the World of Darkness can be as simple as you want it to be. Whatever the case maybe, we're most pleased that you've chosen us to be your STs.

Our new (hopefully easier) and improved Tutorial on Character creation is here to walk you through it all, step by step.

Discuss your ideas and possibilities to an ST. Perhaps you can pair up with a few players that you can do missions with. The streets will be tough enough by themselves without a squad or allies and comrades-in-arms to back you. As a new player realize that the deadliest enemy is not always going to attack with knives or in a one-shot duel. They may attack your finances with back door deals, or your reputation with slanderous lies of rumors at the hottest salon, or even bedroom politic with your most precious ghoul or retainer. Every Character starts with 200 exp after creation to build their character. One does not have to use it right away as well. Example: I had a pc ghoul in this game and made it base creation. I banked my 200 exp, and used it while my Mistress taught me what I needed to know and it helped me out because I had exp to grow, and expand my character.

With that said, let's begin! and to the victor go the spoils.

Step One Select Concept, Clan, Nature, and Demeanor.

Step Two Select your Attributes. 7/5/3 for vampire , 6/4/3 for mortal. you automatically start with one point in all attributes.

Step Three Select Abilities 13/9/5 for vampire, 11/7/4 for mortals. No ability can have more than 3 dots at this stage.

Step Four: Choose 5 points of backgrounds.

Step Five: Record blood pool,


Humanity (equal to conscience/conviction plus instinct/self control), (All new players start on Humanity)


willpower (equal to courage)

Disciplines (3 to start for kindred.)

Abilities capped at 4 after XP spends.

The Numina user uses the same template as a vanilla Mortal. Numina is restricted to "straight mortals" - no Hunters or Ghouls.

Mortals get 21 freebies and Vampires get 15 freebies to up stats. message an op for more details.

Experience And Freebie Costs
Experiance Costs:**

Freebie Points Trait Cost — these are the costs for your freebies acquired at creation**

Attribute: 5 per dot

Ability: 2 per dot

Discipline: 7 per dot

Backgrounds: 1 per dot

Humanity: 1 per dot

Willpower: 1 per dot

Virtue: 2 per 1 dot

Note: Merits and flaws are given via your ST through story and creation.**

Trait Type XP Cost —-once you have XP to spend, these are the costs below**

Attribute: Current Rating x 4

Ability: Current Rating x 2

New Ability: 3

Willpower: Current Rating x 1

Secondary Ability: Current Rating

**Experience Point Cost


Clan Discipline: Current Rating x 5

Other Discipline: Current Rating x 7

New Discipline: 10

Secondary Thamaturgical Path: Current Rating x 4

New Thamaturgical Path: 7

Thaumaturgical Ritual: Ritual Level

Virtue (Does not increase WP or Path): Current Rating x 2

Humanity/Path: Current Rating x 2


Tribe/Auspice/Breed Gift: Gift Rank x 3

Other Gift: Gift Rank x 5

Rage: Current Rating x 1

Gnosis: Current Rating x 2

Ritual: Ritual Level

MAGE/Numina user (only for ST use. If you are a Numina based Hunter please consult with an ST before buying anything. ((NOT PCs))

Specialty Sphere: Current Rating x7

Other Sphere: Current Rating x 8

New Sphere: 10

Arete: Current Rating x 8

New Numina/Sorcery Path: 7

Numina/Sorcery Path Current Rating x 7

New Sorcery Ritual: ritual level rating x 2

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